A World of Debt & the Death of Self-Reliance

On September 1, 2011, in Latest publication, by EmersonLetter

 September 1, 2011

 A World of Debt & the Death of Self-Reliance

 We are swimming in a World of Debt. We all know the numbers: a $1.5 trillion government deficit, $14.3 trillion of Public US debt, and somewhere in the vicinity of $50+ trillion in future “entitlement” bills.

 The volatility and uncertainty that we have been experiencing in recent years, is just a product of running our personal, corporate and governmental affairs with little or no common sense, and without any consideration for the future.

 The abdication of ethical and moral responsibilities by individuals, corporations and politicians over recent years, has reached such a state that we are now living in an Orwellian nightmare. We no longer follow our own ideas and instincts, but rather rely on a biased media, and a corrupt and incompetent government. Unfortunately, both the media and government are controlled by a morally devoid corporatist state.

 The death of Self-Reliance has resulted in the fact that we now live in a make believe world of Big Brother and Doublethink.

 Why this has happened, and how we can rescue ourselves from this illness will be more fully explored in future Emerson Letters.

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